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Sometimes life is easy. You have a rewarding career you enjoy, there are few concerns regarding money, maybe you have started a family, or maybe you are excited about a promising new relationship. When life is flowing smoothly, small set backs or hiccups are easy to manage and are taken in stride.

But life is not always about being easy or manageable. What happens when you hit a bump in the road? Maybe you have lost that dream job or your perfect marriage ends in a heartbreaking divorce? Or worse, your child becomes ill?

Blue Skies Counselling is about using the power of compassion to help you reveal personal barriers. We specialize in guiding you through times of anxiety, confusion and stuckness towards finding clarity, confidence, and freedom. It is through this process that you will get to the heart of what truly matters and ultimately discover that - the sky is the limit!

Richard Hahn

I offer a general counselling practice, my areas of specialty include:

  • Surviving Life’s many Lessons

    Life continuously provides a wide range of bumps in the road and it is vital to view these challenges not as an end or loss but as opportunities to grow, learn, and expand.

    Many things in life are out of our control but what we can do is decide who we will be and how we will act in the middle of our struggles. This is where positive growth occurs.

    When the challenges of life come to us, we begin to question our beliefs about the world and ourselves. We make conscious or unconscious changes as necessary. Often it is our beliefs that cause our suffering and that keep us feeling separate, alone, and isolated.

    I believe that we have made up many of our beliefs to remain separate, keeping a safe and manageable distance from each other. And yet isn’t love what we all want? To love and be loved?

  • Counselling Repairs What Feels Broken

    There is value in accepting and embracing where you are now. You are not broken nor have you ever been or will be broken. And there is a choice – your choice - about how to view your struggle. So much emphasis is put on “getting somewhere” as if this somewhere has more value. What is it that is better over there? Is it true that it is better over there? There is nothing wrong about having a vision about the possibility of a future you would like to experience. But when life becomes only about chasing after this experience, peace can be hard to find.

    The name ‘Blue Skies Counselling’ refers to the personal sense of freedom that can come from letting go of self-limiting thoughts. Life presents challenges and pain is inevitable. Can you have compassion for yourself in the midst of your struggles?

    My approach is transpersonal, meaning that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Understanding that we are truly bigger and more powerful than our psychological complexes, gives us all the chance to transform and grow beyond our programming and fears.

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Richard is someone who understands and delights in the full spectrum of human experience and emotion - light and dark. Because of this, people are able to bring their full selves to each session. Not only the "acceptable" voice, but the raw and uncensored one and the voice of authenticity. This is the only place to begin in the path to finding oneself but that so many of us are totally disconnected from.

His genuine passion and caring for people translates in such a way that makes you not only feel safe enough to reveal yourself, but catalyzes the desire to do it with joyful abandon. Working with Richard has been for me a playground of authenticity, compassion and creative empowerment and exploration.

-Counselling Client, Kitsilano, BC